107 Harmony Crossing, Suite 3C

Eatonton, GA  31024

Little Scholars Academy at Lake Oconee

Where learning is a journey, not a race

Our Classes

Spiritual Scholars
Start the day off with a prayer. Your child will learn about God's love for each of them. It enables your child to build a relationship with God. They will learn about the Bible through songs, crafts, finger plays, cooking and many other exciting activities.

Blooming Artists

Your child will learn about famous artists utilizing various artistic techniques and textures. Why not paint a still life of Sunflowers like Van Gogh, melting clocks like Salvador Dali or upside-down like Michelangelo.

Scholars around the World
Let your child travel the world and discover the customs and traditions of such wonderful places as China, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries. Your child will also learn to speak a few words and sing songs in different languages!

Awesome Authors
Your child will learn about award-winning authors such as Jan Brett, Eric Carle, and many others. Not only will they learn about wonderful children’s literature but they will become an author themselves using a basic writing process. This is an excellent way to develop good sound awareness and vocabulary which are the foundation for strong reading skills. 

The Proper Preschooler
Yes, please! This age appropriate class will teach your child life long skills taken directly from The Emily Post Institute! Aside from  please and thank you’s, your child will learn the proper manners for everyday etiquette. 

Youngsters Yoga 
Physical activity and movement are essential in early childhood. Let your child connect with his/her mind, body and spirit through this child-centered yoga class.Your child will enhance his/her strength, balance, and coordination by practicing basic yoga poses in a fun and relaxing environment.

Culinary Kids
Have your child become a chef! This safe cooking class will enable your child to cook and incorporate culinary skills learned from local chefs. Your child will learn how to make healthy food choices while enjoying delicious food in a fun environment. 

Music Masters
Music is uniquely equipped to help children in many areas of development. Your child will learn basic music terminology by listening to the great masters of music (Mozart, Beethoven, & Louis Armstrong). They will be developing and enhancing their language and listening skills by experiencing various genres of music.