Little Scholars Academy at Lake Oconee

Where learning is a journey, not a race


The children at Little Scholars Academy celebrated Johnny Appleseed's 239th birthday on September 26th. They made mini apple pies, painted with different color apples, played an alphabet apple tree game, made their own construction paper Johnny Appleseeds. Plus, got to meet the REAL Johnny Appleseed in person. Also, a special "Thank You" to Deer Run for delivering a birthday surprise to Johnny!!

The students at Little Scholars Academy are very fortunate that they can simply walk on the sidewalk and visit a fabulous doctor. Since they are studying "My neighborhood and community helpers",  these tiny scholars were lucky enough to have Lake Oconee Urgent Care host their first field trip. Before they arrived they played the iPad app Doc Mc Stuffins, made a doctors bag, an edible band-aid snack and had played Doctor Dress up while learning the name of the bones in their bodies. When they arrived, Mrs. Martha along with the rest of the staff greeted the children and toured them through the different rooms at their beautiful  facility. One of the highlights was when they met Dr. Eddie Richardson. The children asked him many questions to complete their KWL charts (what they know, want to know and what they learned) Luke Lollis asked " Why do doctors wear white coats?" another child asked "Why do we have to stick put our tongues and say Ahhh?? Dr. Eddie answered all of their questions with a smile and in a sweet age appropriate manner. The field trip ended with a beautiful table Lake Oconee Urgent Care decide to surprise the children with that had snacks, juice, stickers, rings, and the best goodies bags ever complete with crayons, bubbles, coloring books and stuffed animals." Hutton 3 year old student cheered "This was the best day of my life!"

Little Scholars Academy is delighted to announce Ronin Gibson as the TOP SELLER for the school's Yankee Candle Fundraiser. Ronin is the son of William and Caitlin Gibson, are so proud of his accomplishments. The Head of School, Mrs. Bared-Hill said "Ronin is just such an amazing little boy and I'm sure his enthusiasm along with his wonderful selling strategy helped him sell so many candles. We are all so very proud of him."

Ronin, a two year old at Little Scholars Academy, remarkably sold items that retailed over five hundred dollars. Ronin’s parents said that their sale strategy was networking with family members, friends, and co-workers. Ronin was also asked if it help him sell candles because he is just so adorable?  In which Ronin quickly replied  “Oh Yes”!  The Little Scholars Academy fundraiser was designed for families to work as a team and to teach their child basic sales and marketing strategies. Additionally, the funds will be used educational curriculum materials for the school which Ronin loves. Ronin was also asked “What did he love most about his school”?   He replied "My school is fun. I just like to put on my clothes and go to school.  I like my friends and Ms. Dianna”.  

As the winner, receive an award certificate, and a Toys R Us Gift Certificate. Congratulations again!